AYUG MI’N NAMPATILEG - Tracklist, audio samples and PDFs of some songs

At the bottom of the page you find: audio samples and PDFs of lyrics

AYUG MI’N NAMPATILEG - Our Rainbow-Inspired Songs
Liyawi’n Ayug ya Pakid cha Imabilong ud Kalinga Bұibұilig Kordilyera Lagud chi Pilipinas
Kalinga Mabilong Traditional Songs and Sounds, Cordillera Mountains, Northern Philippines

I. Liyawi’n Ayug cha Imabilong - Mabilong Traditional Songs (>context)

Ia. Kopyan chi Ayug si Bұochong
Peace Pact Celebration Songs in the order of its celebration

Preparatory Songs
01. Ippapas Takun Ragsak >Joy
02. Ippapas Takun Ragsak / Round
03. Istay Naipalakom >Thankfulness
04. Istay Chiyoy Istay Chi >Thankfulness
05. Istay Annan Ummali >Greetings of Peace
Arrival Songs
06. Omme Omme Om
>Oneness for Peace & Appreciation
07. Wam Sakon >Brother- and Sisterhood
08. Sorwi-i >Affirmation and Approval
09. Sinwiwissawis >Common Joy
Closing Songs
10. Lilallilay >Gifts of Peace & Farewell
11. Lillilay >Gifts of Peace & Farewell

Ib. Cha uchum un Liyawi’n Ayug cha Imabilong, Kalinga
Other Traditional Mabilong Kalinga Songs

12. Ayyayam Ku >Freedom 
13. Bұallogey Logey >Freedom
14. Chummasi Chum >Rice Pounding
15. Yumma >Rice Pounding
16. Tullakuk >Responsibility / Faithfulness
17. Tu’wali Tut Tut >Responsibility / being clear
18. Uwa-wi >Lullaby / Regeneration / Responsibility
19. Uwa-wi >Lullaby / Regeneration / Responsibility
20. Uwa-uwa-uwa-wi >Lullaby / Regeneration / Responsibility
21. Sogsogla / Ullalim >Communication Arts / Wisdom
22. Sanggililid  >Remembering Life’s Goodness / Generosity /         
23. Bұelili Ellas >Women’s Dignity / Fertility 
24. Alilay Ay Ay >Joy / Sustaining the Spirit of the Crowd
25. Diddiyaw >Joy / Summer Birds / Relaxation
26. Waynu Ta Mhm >Joy / Participation for Lively Celebration
27. Oynasi >Joy / Awakening the Attention for the Celebration
28. Ondolla-on > Catching Cicadas
29. Bұikbұik >Respect & Honor of Old, Sick and Dead Elders
30. Tu’wali Tut Tut >Responsibility / being clear

II. Liyawin Pakid chi Bұuyu ud Mabilong, Kalinga
Mabilong Kalinga Traditional Bamboo Sounds

31. Saggaypu
32. Bұallingbұing 1
33. Bұallingbұing 2
34. Patang-ug
35. Pattiteg
36. Tongngatong
37. Ullibұew 1
38. Ullibұew 2

Audio samples:

I. Liyawi’n Ayug cha Imabilong - Mabilong Traditional Songs
10. Lilallilay  (Peace Pact Celebration Song "We give pleasantly our community gifts.")
15. Yumma (Rice Pounding/Polishing Work Song)
20. Uwa-uwa-uwa-wi  (Lullaby)
22. Sanggililid  (Remembering Life’s Goodness, Generosity, Community)
25. Diddiyaw  (Festive Crowd Lines of Joy)

Sung by the Old Folks of the tribe (>to listen to the tribal Vocal Quality)

29. Bұikbұik (A Sacred Music for the Sick and Dead Elders with Community Achievements)
30. Tuwali Tut Tut ("It is true and not true!")

II. Traditional Bamboo Sounds

32. Bұallingbұing 1
38. Ullibұew 2  (Jew's Harp)